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Public Access (Front-End)

Click to check our Live Demo in work. Please note that some features have been disabled in the demo for security purposes.

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live demo

Authorized Access (for Admins, Sellers and Buyers)

Please enter your email and we will send you instructions and links to get direct access to administrator, seller and buyer areas.


How to test?

Please click on above provided details for homepage, administrator, doctor and patient login in order to check the features of application in real-time.

Can I test on tablet or phone?

Yes, our all themes and user-interface is 99% responsive. All you need to test is an internet connection, Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone Device.
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What is included in an application?

We have added all the features and modules, so you are free to test the entire application from back-end to front-end.

Do you charge for testing?

Not at all, we offer free application testing. There are no charges for testing. You can test this appointment application anytime by visiting demo page.

May I test your script on my hosting?

Sorry, we do not offer testing on your hosting. You can test the entire application on our server. Once you satisfied, you can purchase and install it on your website.

Can I save contents?

No, for security reasons such operations were blocked. There are still all options and features accessible and available for testing.

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